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Debate viewership drops as record numbers of early votes pours in
More than 63 million people tuned in to watch the second and final presidential debate Thursday, a significant drop from the over 73 million who tuned in for the first debate, according to Nielsen Media Research.
The troubled French contact-tracing app has a new name, but suffers teething issues.
The chain says some jobs will be partly funded by the UK's Kickstart scheme, which aims to help young people.
The US clothing chain may shut all of its own UK stores and shift to a franchise model, it says
The countries formally sign a deal described by the UK's international trade secretary as "ground-breaking".
The amount of retail sales continued to rise last month, but some sectors are still struggling.
The phone maker is at the centre of the Trump administration's crackdown on Chinese tech firms.
Families from both ends of the income spectrum have had to tighten their belts in the last six months.