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Robot 'talks' to MPs about future of AI in the classroom
Pepper goes to Parliament to talk to MPs about the role robotics and AI will play in the classroom.
The move safeguards more than 200 jobs at the viral publisher, which collapsed with debts of £6.5m.
The withdrawals follow tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance.
The growth of Aldi and Lidl will be considered in a review of the planned supermarket merger.
The credit-card-sized device is designed to help people take a break from their main phone.
The Volkswagen division "admits responsibility" for selling cars that broke pollution regulations.
An estimated seven million people have lost savings and pensions, but there is help to track them down.
Sacha Romanovitch, the first woman to run a big City accounting fim, is leaving Grant Thornton.