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Justice Department subpoenas filmmaker who documented Jan. 6, interviewed Trump
The Department of Justice has issued a subpoena for Alex Holder, a British filmmaker with unique access to the Trump family on Jan. 6, to turn over all raw footage of the production.
A new study suggests extra red tape and checks pushed up food bills in the UK over two years.
World’s richest man’s company is involved in a trial to get isolated areas of the UK connected to the internet.
Prices fell 1.4% in November as higher interest rates put off buyers, says Nationwide.
Apple has warned that shipments of the new iPhone 14 would be delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.
In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times, the former FTX chief says he has almost no money left.
Studies show less than 5% of the music industry is female. This business is trying to change that.
Markets soared after the Federal Reserve signalled a shift in its inflation fight.