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Versace bought by Michael Kors for $2.1bn
American luxury handbag and clothing designer Michael Kors is buying Italian fashion house Gianni Versace for $2.1bn (£1.6bn).
Nike, which has seen its sales momentum grow in recent months, says revenue rose by 10% in the most recent quarter.
One of Europe's biggest banks, Banco Santander, has poached the head of investment banking at UBS to be its next chief executive.
Qualcomm's complaint is the latest clash between the two global technology giants.
Luis Caputo resigns just three months after being appointed, sparking further falls in the peso.
Unions say Ryanair faces its biggest day of industrial action as they fight for better conditions.
The controversial lifestyle brand founded by the actress opens a pop-up store in west London.
The football club says earnings were boosted by money from TV rights - with more expected next year.