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Madrid in lockdown: Stick to new rules or pay the price, doctor warns Britons
A front line doctor in Madrid has urged Britons to stay strong and obey the rules as the country faces a second wave of coronavirus.
SSP sales are 76% down with about two-thirds of its outlets closed across the group.
Exporters to the EU face two-day delays to trade after transition period ends, a cabinet minister warns.
The sportswear giant has seen digital sales soar and says few customers will revert back to stores.
Tesla's founder says new ways to make more efficient batteries will drive down the price of electric cars.
The co-founder of Beans Coffee Club says it’s OK to make losses when you start your business, but make sure it’s money you can afford to lose.
A financial hub in a church and drop-and-go deposit points are also tested in cash-stricken areas.
Governor Andrew Bailey suggests that some sectors may benefit from further targeted help.