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Bolsonaro signs into law $11.3 billion aid to states and municipalities
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has signed into law 60-billion-real ($11.3 billion) of federal government aid to states and municipalities affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but vetoed a section on public servants' wages, according to an official gazette publication on Thursday.
In a country where state aid is frowned upon, the number of Americans receiving benefits has skyrocketed.
More than 100 print papers to close as News Corp shifts to digital after the virus pandemic hit revenues.
Almost 3,000 jobs will go as Nissan, which owns a huge factory in Britain, reacts to falling car sales.
The airline says up to 30% of its workforce will go as it struggles with the slump in demand for air travel.
More than 70 industry bosses say a 14-day quarantine will put visitors off coming to the UK.
How a fast-growing baby food firm saw investors pull out because of the Covid-19 crisis.
Nurse Sarah Balsdon bought a vending machine, filled it with snacks, then paid her children for chores.