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'We are nothing' without U.N. agency's help, says Palestinian refugee
George Salameh's family has lived in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem for 70 years. Still, he prefers his family be called "al-Yafawi", meaning "of Jaffa", an ode to the Mediterranean coastal town his family left in 1948 and still considers home.
Lawyers for Quadriga users say there are "questionable circumstances" behind Gerald Cotten's death.
New legalisation to protect natural hair has brought national attention to this form of discrimination.
Promises have been made and plans put in place that will have an effect on your finances after the election.
The so-called phase one deal will see billions of dollars in tariffs removed or delayed.
The regulator is considering whether the takeover will lead to "a substantial lessening of competition".
Stricken investors in Neil Woodford's former flagship fund will receive their first payments on 20 January.
Bosses have called on the prime minister to secure the future terms of trade with the EU.