Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft expresses concern regarding the gap between the allocated 5.5 billion euros announced by the federal government and the 21 billion euros required to ensure the minimum equipment of all general and vocational schools until 2024.
A new study published today by the OECD, the Education Policy Outlook: Working Together to Help Students Achieve their Potential, reports on the progress of over 200 school improvement policies implemented over the last 10 years.
Education International welcomes the latest report by Koumbou Boly Barry, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to education, focusing on the ways in which the right to education contributes to the prevention of atrocity crimes and mass or grave violations of human rights.
Reacting to the newly published Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Education at a Glance report, Education International welcomes progress made in a number of countries in several aspects of educational provision, but insists that other major areas of education remain a cause of great concern for educators.
Reacting to the government’s announcement of an increase in starting salaries for teachers, education unions in the UK have acknowledged that this measure will make teaching more attractive and help to mitigate the recruitment and retention crisis, but further public investment in education is urgently needed.
On Thursday 5 September in Bogotá, Colombia, member organisations of Education International Latin America (EILA) opened a regional meeting to share experiences and discuss rights violations in the education sector in Latin American countries. The meeting aims to establish a network for monitoring and reporting human and labour rights violations affecting education workers and education communities in Latin America.
Education International (EI) General Secretary warns that the world is off track in terms of achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 on quality education, including in literacy. More needs to be done to turn the tide and eradicate illiteracy.