At its General Assembly, the Education and Solidarity Network renewed its commitment to remain a trusted, expanding and innovative network promoting health and well-being in educational settings the world over.
On the occasion of the signature of the European Union-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, Education International firmly supports its European and Japanese members, reasserting that education must be explicitly carved out of such international trade agreements.
The opening of a new headquarters for its branch in the centre of the Iraqi Chamchamal region represents a golden opportunity for the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union to highlight the importance of providing quality education for all in the country and renew its commitment to ensure it.
The Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Educação has been successful in pushing back a bill in the Brazilian Parliament that would prevent the expression of any political, ideological, or partisan ideas in classrooms.
Indonesian education unionists have welcomed the announcement made by the national government during a Public Discussion on National Education to hire 100,000 teachers in 2018 in an effort to combat the teacher shortage in the country.
Thousands of nurses, primary school teachers and principals are calling on New Zealand’s public authorities to ensure decent pay for educators, as well as guaranteeing the future of quality public education, and are prepared to walk off the job.
Education International supports its affiliate, the Federación Colombiana de Educadores, in denouncing and firmly condemning assassinations and threats targeting Colombian educators, trade unionists, and social leaders.