A Washington State Patrol officer who defied a statewide vaccine mandate and signed off for the last time by issuing a strongly worded message to Gov. Jay Inslee has passed away from COVID-19 complications.
The White House confirmed on Friday that South Carolina District Court Judge Michelle Childs is being considered as a replacement to retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the United States Supreme Court.
Alabama has sent a request to the Supreme Court asking for a delay in a lower court order to proceed with drawing new congressional maps ahead of the 2022 election.
President Biden told reporters Friday that he is moving U.S. troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries.
President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to New York City to meet with Mayor Eric Adams next week as the city reels from the loss of two NYPD officers shot and killed last week.
Republican politicians criticized President Biden amid his visit to Pittsburgh on Friday.
FIRST ON FOX: Senate Republicans have written to the Biden administration, requesting information about the Transportation Security Administration's practice of allowing illegal immigrants to use civil immigration arrest warrants as identification and warning that the practice is a security threat.